Every day and all around us, there are so many beautiful things to see! A cool new skyscraper! A cool OLD skyscraper! A museum, a school, your church building, a park, a farmhouse, a friend's house, YOUR house! The list goes on and on.

It's great to try and SEE as many beautiful things as possible. But what's even greater than that...is to try and DO something kind for the people inside of those buildings and places.

Do WHAT, you may ask? Well, the possibilities are endless: 

A wave you give, a pie you bake, a kind word you speak, a piece of trash you pick up, a ride you offer, a piece of mail you deliver, a meal you cook, a baby you babysit, a house you clean, a lawn you mow, a bag you carry, a thought or prayer you share...

So--are you with me? Next time you "See something beautiful" and then "Do something kind", hashtag your photo like this:

Archie hashtag for website.jpg

Thank you for helping me to SEE something beautiful

and DO something kind!